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Hi, I am Shaivi Ganatra!

UX Designer based in Ann Arbor Michigan pursuing Master of Science in Human Computer Interaction @University of Michigan. Currently working as UX Designer at @FirstBank.

Previously worked at @iMiracleProject, @LearningClues, @Empower@Home, @GFFA and @Colgate-Palmolive.


Avocado Illustration

Got some more time on hand?

Take a glimpse on my ongoing project and visual design piece.

SPRK_default_preset_name_custom – 13.png

A system ensuring proper waste sorting and eliminating user decisions to deliver best user experience. This project is being developed under Innovation in Action over Winter 2022 Semester.

Detailed summary coming soon. View the below deck for more insights.

is Redesign

Enjoy this botanical bunch of strawberries emphasizing the symbolic meaning of Rebirth.

Similarly, every ideation is a redesign of previous ideation leading to better thought process and new ideas.

HW03 - FinalCollage.png
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