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First Bank

My role at First Bank's UX Team focused on designing and improving MVP's production screens and contributing to the design system.




UX Designer


6 months


UX Designer (Me)

Senior UX Design Manager

Assistant Vice President / UX

EPMO Director





Microsoft Suite


My Contribution

Unfortunately, due to NDA, I can’t show my recent work at First Bank. Leading design on multiple internal projects, I primarily focused on Design System, UX design, Visual Design, and Design Libraries. Here are some brief notes about the work I did.

Impact made by me

Design System: Created various new components, tokens, variations and instances in the First Bank's Design System to implement the requirement in the wireframes.

UX Design: Designed UI components and wire-framed multiple iOS and Android equivalent design screens for MVP hand-off to developers. Worked on various user-flows of MVP like Enrollment, Alerts/Notifications, Card Management, etc.

Visual Design: Designed icons for Order Check, Deposit Check and Stop Check action to be used across all MVPs.

Design Libraries: Created a responsive table formatted Figma Library for icons being used across web and mobile app of First Bank to allow reusability of components.

Final Design


  • Improved at using Figma tool and learnt to make libraries and leveraging design systems.

  • Got experience of working with cross functional teams in a corporate environment.

  • Achieved stronger perspective as a designer by designing complex bank systems.

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