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Buger was a dynamic and fully responsive website developed during Internship @ Cine Carper Private Limited. This website highlights various features of their movie review application named "Buger" with other necessary details.


Web Designer

Fullstack Developer

Project Context

Mar - Oct 2020

Internship Project




Google Dev Tools


The Problem

This entertainment startup company developed Buger for people who not only like streaming content but at the same time wish to rate it, review it and engage with similar peers. 


They required a landing page which not only makes people aware about their application but also delivers a proper impression of what Buger does and how passionate it can be to use it. This indicated that people should develop positive interest as soon as they land on the page.

So now, the big question is ....

How to make Buger's landing page ideal to convert website visitors into application users?

The Process




Resource Gathering






Analysis from series of introductory session, web data received from the company and after viewing the current version of Buger application, below were the target points discovered which could ensure positive interest development into visitors.


Gets the viewers engaged with the content and familiarize with Buger.


​Highlights all the features and USP's of the application.


Clarifies all the policies, terms and conditions.


Have resemblance between the application and landing page through design.


To deliver similar experience on both, mobile and desktop view.

Resource Gathering

Various assets like wallpapers, images, icons, typeface and color scheme were collected from graphic designer.

Theme Selection





Typeface Selection

All typeface were from the san-serif family. Fjalla One was selected for top level text like headings and rest website used Poppins.


The website consisted of the following pages: Home, About, Blog, Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

Home Page

​On home page, I used wordology, typography and theme design along with the pictures to inculcate a tint of a cool application landing page to review movies, upgrade on levels, etc.

About Page

On about page, I designed a combination of brief introduction of the website, advantages of using and it's five prime differentiators.

Privacy Policy + T&C Page

On both of these pages, privacy policies and terms and conditions were clearly laid down in a simlistic manner without excess design to avoid distractions.

Menu and Footer

Menu and footer had much similar data like page navigation links, link to Google Play Store and Apple Store and an unique tagline.


Website was deployed and made live. It was also shared on LinkedIn and various positive feedbacks were received from the visitors.


Buger was the first website I developed from scratch for a real-time startup company. It was one of the projects I completed during my internship at Cine Carper Private Limited. This was my first experience working in a remote workspace and handling all the tasks with various other teams.


Some crucial takeaways from this project were knowing and learning the importance of how colors and typefaces should complement with all assets like images, icons, etc. I also got chance to enhance my coding knowledge on HTML, CSS, JS and some plugins. I also learnt how to work and communicate in a remote workspace and manage all tasks accordingly.

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