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Hey there!

Thank you for stopping by and showing interests in my design.

I am a Techie turned Designer who loves developing logical solutions. I started as a Computer Engineer and made myself quite proficient with CS concepts, coding, system, tools and technologies. But during this process, something that fascinated me more was the WHY behind writing that code.

Hence, here I am, an Amazing Designer with a Developer's Perspective and fullstack skills.


I recently graduated with MS in Human Computer Interaction from University of Michigan and was working as UX Designer at First Bank.




My team won a $400 cash price in the UM CFE's Innovation Challenge for developing impressive three turbine structure windmill producing power at maximum voltage.

Wondering what Shaivi is outside work? :p

I am a food blogger, a cook, an artist and design has a important place in all these roles as well.

Check my food blog here

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